Update 4: RPG ELEMENTS now available!

Today we’re launching the fourth update for All Walls Must Fall: RPG ELEMENTS! The focus for this time has been on adding progression and variety to your playthroughs by achievements and having more choices in the shop, with items that support different playstyles.

Will you focus more on improving your emotional manipulation to talk your way through, go in guns blazing and take as many enemies down as you can, or upgrade your time abilities and manipulate the timeline enough to make everybody’s head spin? Note that for the first time, a zero-casualty playthrough is now possible! Although it might take some time travelling to get there..

We’ve also improved the combat experience by adding more variety to the enemy types, as well as improving their AI behaviours and pathfinding. And for the completionists out there, we’ve added support for Steam Achievements and Trading Cards! For the full patch notes, click here.

My Pheromones are Augmented

The shop has been augmented with a new AUGMENTATIONS category, where you can unlock and improve passive abilities for Kai, your character.

New feature: Weapon and Ability Upgrades

All weapons can now be upgraded up to 3 times, with each tier improving stats like damage, firing speed, and clip size. Time abilities can also be upgraded, to reduce their resource cost. Fully upgraded time abilities can unlock new strategies that involve using them for long durations!

Enemies with different weapon types

Enemies now also get four types of weapons: Pistol, SMG, Rifle or Shotgun.

Improved AI behaviours

AI can now crouch behind cover, and will often seek cover out instead of just running towards the player. Also, two AIs can no longer be in the same tile, and can handle walking around each other.

New Drop Rewards and Combos

We’ve added more rewards to awesome moves during the Drop, as well as a combo counter that feeds a multiplier for the total Drop Reward. The counter resets whenever you take damage.

New club room variations

We’ve added a number of new variations to some of the club rooms, including huge holes in the ground!

NPC Names

We’ve added names to the Enemies, Bartenders, Bouncers, Clubbers and DJs - including names from Kickstarter Backers!

Let us know what you think of the new features in the forums, or by using the GIVE FEEDBACK buttons in game (which now includes the option of sending a screenshot with your feedback!)



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