Today we’ve launched version 1.0 of All Walls Must Fall!

You can check out the COMING OUT trailer here: 

If you haven’t played the game yet, now’s the time! We’ve spent the last month polishing the look and feel of the game, including adding the final in-game backer rewards, Party Posters and Drinks. We’d like to thank all our Backers for your support - without you, we’d have never made it this far!

We’re also very honoured that Eurogamer has given the game a Recommended rating! Check out the review here, or keep reading to see what’s new in this update:

New Glienicker Brücke & credits music

We’ve improved the pacing and look of the sections of the game that take place on the Bridge of Spies between missions, and added some more content to the two endings. Our very own muuutsch has also put together some new music for these sections which really enhance the mood. There’s even a different track for each ending, so try and get both for the full experience!

We’ve also added muuutsch’s track The Last Stop to the credits that play after you finish the game. All this new music is already added to the soundtrack download, and you can also listen to The Last Stop on bandcamp.

Club Themes

A big focus this month has been polishing up the look and feel of the clubs. The way we’ve done this is by adding different “themes” to the game, which match the party that’s happening there. These change the colours of the lighting, as well as the fog (now there’s fog!), and neon highlights on some objects. We think this gives each club a distinct feel, and improves the look of them in general.

We’ve also added more decorative objects to the club, such as trash on the ground and objects on the walls, as well as variations of things like the bar furniture and wall lamps.

HUD improvements

The HUD has had an overhaul to make it a bit cleaner and crisper, as well as adding missing icons in a few places. The biggest changes are a much better looking combat mode HUD as well as improved health bar-circles for NPCs.

Collectible Party Posters

The party posters chosen by our Kickstarter backers are now in game and featured as posters throughout the clubs. You may also find them on leaflets while rummaging around in ashtrays!

Collectible Drinks

The cocktails chosen by our Kickstarter backers are also in game, featured as holograms in the Bars! You can order one by interacting with the hologram and add them to your collection!

What’s next?

Last but certainly not least, we’ve spent a lot of time this month on improving the performance of the game, especially in the later, larger clubs, as well as fixing a few bugs and improving some gameplay issues (you can now see when you’ve failed an objective!). You can see the full patch notes here. But there’s still more work to be done on that front - and that will be our biggest focus for next month’s update, as well as fulfilling the remaining digital Kickstarter rewards.

Thanks once more to everyone who’s supported us during the Kickstarter, Closed Alpha and Early Access! We’re really lucky to have such a great community and we’re so happy to have shipped our first indie game! Spread the word to your friends - the game’s on 30% for a week so there’s never been a better time to play!



All Walls Must Fall Original 62 MB
Feb 22, 2018
All Walls Must Fall: Windows 64-bit 576 MB
Version v1.9905.2 Feb 23, 2018
All Walls Must Fall: Linux 990 MB
Version v1.9905.2 Feb 23, 2018
All Walls Must Fall: Mac OS 746 MB
Version v1.9905.2 Feb 23, 2018

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